Cardiac and cardiovascular image analysis has been performed at IIBI since the early 1990's, from X-ray coronary angiography, 2D/3D/4D ultrasound (including intravascular), MR/CT, and OCT, leading to established and validated software for various clinical questions and applications (coronary artery disease, aortic atherosclerosis, arrhythmia, heart transplant, etc.).

Cardiovascular image analysis at IIBI:

Sonka and Wahle Team

Milan Sonka portrait

Milan Sonka

IIBI Co-Director

Andreas Wahle

Associate Research Engineer, Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • Cardiac image analysis
    • 3D/4D LV/RV analysis of MR images
    • 3D/4D LV analysis of ultrasound images
  • Aortic image analysis
  • Coronary image analysis
    • Quantitative analysis of coronary angiography
    • Quantitative analysis of coronary intravascular ultrasound (IVUS)
    • Geometrically correct analysis of coronary morphology from IVUS and angiography imaging
    • Automated registration of IVUS image sequences
    • Prediction of plaque progression from IVUS and angiography imaging
    • Quantitative analysis of coronary OCT (optical coherence tomography)
    • Prediction of cardiac allograft vasculopathy from coronary OCT in heart transplant patients
  • Publications

Cardiac image analysis

Left and right ventricles: 4D shape analysis and segmentation.

Left-ventricular segmentation from 3DRTE (3D real-time Echocardiography).

Aortic image analysis

3D/4D analysis of aortic morphology and wall calcification from CT. CTA, MR, MRA.

Coronary image analysis

Coronary OCT morphology analysis - color coded intimal-layer thickness. and its changes over time.


Coronary IVUS image segmentation in 3D pullbacks


Coronary IVUS image registration between 1-month and 12-month pullbacks


Thin-cap fibroatheroma prediction based on IVUS-VH