Development of novel imaging protocols for and image-related analysis approaches to assessing pulmonary morphology and function in normal lungs and various lung diseases is one of IIBI's strongest focus areas, going back 30+ years of research activity in various laboratories.

Lung image analysis at IIBI:

Hoffman Team

Eric Hoffman portrait

Eric A. Hoffman

Professor of Radiology-Division of Physiologic Imaging

  • Advanced Pulmonary Physiomic Imaging Laboratory
    • National Emphysema Treatment Trial (NETT)
    • Severe Asthma Research Program (SARP), MESA-Lung, COPDGene
    • Radiology Center, SubPopulations and InteRemediate Outcome Measures in COPD Study (SPIROMICS)

Reinhardt Team


Joseph M. Reinhardt

Professor and Department Executive Officer, Biomedical Engineering

  • Biomedical Imaging Lab (BME)
    • Structural and functional evaluation of the normal and abnormal lung
    • Lung tissue functional assessment to guide radiation therapy
    • Analysis of breathing sounds to predict sputum accumulation during mechanical ventilation
    • Pediatric airway segmentation, measurement, and shape modeling

Christensen Team

Gary Christensen.jpeg

Gary E. Christensen

Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • Registration
    • Deformable shape models
    • Anatomical atlases

Beichel Team


Reinhard R. Beichel

Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • Medical Computer Vision & Graphics Lab
    • Quantitative lung  image analysis in 3D  and 4D CT scans
    • Robust model-based segmentation of lungs with disease
    • Quantitative lung image analysis in small animals (imaging cryomicrotome, micro-CT, etc.)
    • Anatomically derived airway models and particle deposition data to facilitate computational toxicology in mice
  • Publications